Hi there!

I'm Kate from Canada and this is my husband Uwe from Germany. We met and married on Grenada in 2001 and started working on our dream of a tourist hideaway in the north of this lovely island almost immediately.

We have been intimately involved in every step of the project, from crawling through the bush to check the lay of the land and the view, designing the buildings, and supervising the construction to painting the wall murals, designing the website, and planting the garden.

Now, of course, we run the daily operations and restaurant, living on site to personally see to our guests' wishes.

Staying at Almost Paradise is our idea of an "almost" perfect holiday, so if you like our style, you'll love our place!

We hope you've enjoyed the ideas we've gathered in these few pages, let the pictures work their magic, and imagine you're in paradise...

Kate and Uwe